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The Z-MODEL company came into being in Blansko in 1998. In the town itself, there are more companies engaging in metallurgical production. Such a high concentration of qualified workers in our town is not accidental at all. The foundry production belongs inherently to Blansko region and it has already been playing an important role for several centuries. After the economic transformation, many a specialized firm has come into being here basing its business intention on its present orientation and good reputation. That is why; Z-MODEL has at its disposal a group of experienced and qualified technicians, modellers, metalworkers and workers of other consequential jobs. In the pressure of a stiff competition, most of us have realized the necessity of a close specialization that makes immediate and flexible innovations possible and that has also a competitive advantage. Our company has seen its future in providing highly qualified and dynamic services in the area of production preparations and in providing deliveries of pattern equipments. At present, the company is a stabilized and efficient partner in the segment of auxiliary foundry products and pattern equipment deliveries and in consequential services for many customers on European markets.

Metal and plastic processing requires necessarily the whole range of moulds, tools and single-purpose machines. Because of the growing trend of innovations during short life cycles, the pressure on the speed and economy of their obtaining is growing. In the Z-MODEL company, you will find a highly qualified and experienced team of experts securing a comprehensive designing and technological support of you production intentions. The production of model equipments is the first important step for the quality and success of your castings. In the area of foundry patterns and special castings, we are partners of many prominent producers. In expert consultations, our experts will convince you of the advantages of partner cooperation in the area of technologies of production and its preparation. Prompt terms of delivery and attractively priced conditions for your high-quality production go without saying. We believe that our offer will capture you and we are looking forward to our partner cooperation.
Ing. Milan Král
Executive director

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