During the production of furniture of massif, the COMPANY employees use a high professionalism at work with first-rate wood and with a high percentage of industrial design. At present, that seems more as an exclusive matter but we are witnesses of the changes in the area of the lifestyle, and at this moment the choice of the first-class wood is becoming more and more its visible expression. The wood massif is a traditional material accompanying the mankind from time immemorial. That is a magnificent present of Nature, pleasant to look at, to the touch and for perception. However, we do not realize the value of real wood at once when picking, but later after longer living together. There are differences not only when looking at but also when touching. It is caused by some physical and biological assets: Wood has a cosy surface temperature and a pleasant smell (it even absorbs odours) and lives incessantly ? it adapts itself to the air humidity. Wood, now then, creates a homely and helpful spatial climate. That?s why, people take to the living together with wood like a duck to water, and wooden furniture favourably influences their psyche. It is certain that a wooden construction of hard wood, connected properly by means of gluing and screws and bolts, will serve as a basis of the first-rate furniture. And that?s more; furniture does not definitely belong to the goods that we buy very often. In our country, it is once after 20 or 30 years. With the rising living standards and claims that will come into the picture step by step after our full incorporation into the EU, we do believe that constantly more families will be not only economically able but even willing to pay a tolerable price for the traditional quality that the furniture of massif brings.

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