Foundry patterns, moulds and prototypes

The production of pattern equipments is the first important step for the quality and success of your castings. In the Z-MODEL company, you will find a highly qualified and experienced team of experts securing a comprehensive designing and technological support for casts production. We are the reliable partner of many well-known foundries throughout the Europe. Our experts can convince you about the advantages of the partnership in cooperation on a foundry technology and production preparation within initial consultations. Prompt terms of deliveries at reasonable price conditions make your casts production more efficient.

We are able to manufacture the patterns on the base of traditional technical drawings. We use Solid Works for computer processing of sketches in an electronic form ( .dwg, .igs, .stp, .sat, .par... ). We can make the exact copy of received castings or damaged models as well. We are able to consult customers' needs in advance and prepare the unique design of required product accordingly.

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